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120x120x4cm original acrylic painting on cradled ply panel framed in deep light pine float/ tray frame 68 deep x11mm. Gloss finish ready to hang.

As part of my residency at The Acres, I drew in my sketchbook every week for 6 months. I mainly drew flowers in ink with crayons to indicate colour. This rich source of observational material has led to a series of floral paintings painted in the studio. 

This is my largest residency painting to date. I loved drawing in the smaller French garden at The Acres and I spent my first month only drawing there. It is a more intimate space and perfect for early work while I became acquainted with the farm.

Song of Spring has developed from those drawings and explores the genius loci of the garden and the tangible sense of abundance.

The Acres Collection Song of Spring

  • This painting is framed. The painting is framed in a deep ( 68x11mm) light pine, tray/ float-frame. The frame is supplied with a wire and d rings attached to the back. Ready to hang

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