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Introducing Individual Images - an exquisite collection of whimsical paintings that are perfect for celebrating life's special moments. Each painting is created with gouache on paper, showcasing a unique and playful style that will bring joy to your loved ones. Whether it's a birth, big birthday, wedding, name day, graduation, engagement, retirement, or leaving, these personalized paintings will make a memorable gift. I incorporate references to everything that is important to your person or people, making each painting a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Order now and add a touch of magic to your next celebration.

These paintings are the very best gift for when you want something extra special or you just cant think what to give.

How it Works?

I have been making this style of painting for over 25 years.

I started with baby birth paintings when my kids were young and would make paintings for other Mums and as baby shower gifts.

I now make paintings for big birthdays and all life's special occasions.

You give me photos of the person or people plus details about them. It might be where they were born, their favourite colour, their hobbies, career, pets, or anything that makes them unique.

I then design an image which is painted in gouache on paper. Gouache is a flat water-based paint which graphic designers used before Photoshop.

Baby paintings are a little different. I usually spell the child's name out with an animal for each letter. I can also paint other images for each letter. For example, when I lived in Bermuda I would paint local landmarks/birds etc. So child born on the island would have a moment of their birth place.


I love painting to commission and these pieces are a real joy to create. Good communication is the key to a perfect result for you.

Individual Images: whimsical paintings to celebrate

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