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Adult Art Class 2024

Term 1: February 2 to March 22

Term 2: April 19 to June 21

Term 3 : July 12 to September 13

Term 4 : October 4 to December 6



Students with any level of ability or experience are welcome. I encourage the majority of students to start at the beginning then I make sure they don't miss anything. My teaching style is to tell you everything I know to help you achieve the best possible outcome. I believe in giving you the benefit of my experience and making sure you learn in an organised and methodical way. Each class builds on the one before. I give you bite-sized chunks of information so that you learn, process and practice then move forward with confidence. Learning how to draw and paint isn't easy but with the right tuition, you can absolutely learn how. You will gain confidence as you learn and your skills improve. Classes are friendly and supportive. Check out my blog post for my philosophy on adults learning to draw

Back to basics drawing and painting: learn how to draw and paint from the beginning with open, honest and authentic tuition. Covering the elements and principles of art and design, step by step in bite-sized pieces. Build your skills to develop your own style and find your unique best creative practice

Extension drawing and painting. : improving and growing your skills and confidence

Beyond Drawing and Painting: surface, substrate and the joy of paint.

Specialist techniques: encaustic, printmaking.



Your class fee includes all materials

Back to basics drawing and painting, continuing, or painting extension, specialist techniques on request (printmaking, encaustic, surface design, image release, mixed media)


Purchase as a term of 10 classes for $300 

or casually for $40 per class

You can pay the casual rate of $40 per class and come on any day which suits your schedule. You can now pay for a casual class online, look for the Casual Class in the Adult Art Class collection.

You can start at any time during the term and the term rate will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Gift Certificates available

Casual Adult Art Class : 2024

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