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60x60x4cm original acrylic painting on cradled ply panel framed in deep light pine float/ tray frame 68 deep x11mm

As part of my residency at The Acres, I drew in my sketchbook every week for 6 months. I mainly drew flowers in ink with crayons to indicate colour. This rich source of observational material has led to a series of floral paintings painted in the studio. 

I have made 5 triptychs, although the paintings function just as well as solo pieces they were created together in a mini-series of three. I chose these flowers as I had a personal connection to each. My father grew delphiniums each summer in the north of England. We would take a posey of Anenomes to my Grandmother every time we visited. My parents grew zinnias and my mother loved the scent of stocks. My grandparents and parents all grew roses and I have been delighted I have been able to grow them in Queensland.

All the paintings are finished with a gloss sealer. They can be purchased as a triptych with a 10% discount. Please enquire.

The Acres Collection 58 George and the Delphiniums

  • This painting is framed. The painting is framed in a deep ( 68x11mm) light pine, tray/ float-frame. The frame is supplied with a wire and d rings attached to the back. Ready to hang

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