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"Shelter" is a series of paintings exploring my garden. Our garden has been a labour of love for over a decade. This series was developed from observational drawings made from life in the garden. We were experiencing a La Nina weather event and had to shelter on the verandas or under a beach umbrella to make drawings to avoid the frequent heavy downpours. I love limitations in my practice and the weather provided.

We moved our house onto a rugged cow paddock in Cedar Creek northwest of Brisbane in 2010. I had wanted a large garden for years and finally had almost 10 acres to work with. At first, our house felt perched on the land, it felt separate, and it was stuck in the middle of a hilly lot with a rough driveway as access. We started by mulching around the house and planting and planting. Over the years we slowly pushed back the garden boundaries, beating back the long grass and weeds. I mourned the plants which were lost to sun, rain, clay soil and bush turkeys, and celebrated those that flourished. Our shrubs and trees grew exponentially with the La Nina rains of the past two years and now cocoon our house in cool abundant green. The garden provides shelter for our home. Keeping it shaded and hidden from the road. It provides shelter for birds and wildlife.

Shelter/ Penta is a mini-series of 3 paintings. When I was living in Bermuda I visited a Bermuda garden owned by Peter who was a piano teacher. It was a quiet, magical place in an area of the island called appropriately Fairylands. He had a collection of old Bermuda roses. Roses are tricky to grow on the island due to the high salt content in the air, so having a collection was extraordinary. Peter was extremely kind and allowed me to paint in this hidden and very special place. His devotion to his garden inspired me. He told me how he got started. His home had originally had a somewhat typical Bermuda garden. Grass and a clump of Bird of Paradise. A friend came to dinner with a bunch of Penta. He left them in the water and they grew roots. He stuck them in the ground and they grew. He was hooked, I also suspect he has very green fingers.

30x45x2cmcm handmade ply panel, acrylic on ply, framed in simple light pine tray/tray frame, d rings and wire attached, ready to hand, gloss finish ( inquire if you prefer waxed satin finish)

Shelter Penta II

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