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30x30x0.7cm original acrylic painting on ply, framed

As part of my residency at The Acres, I drew in my sketchbook every week for 6 months. I mainly drew flowers in ink with crayons to indicate colour. This rich source of observational material has led to a series of floral paintings painted in the studio. 

I regularly exhibit at a gallery in Brisbane who have a monthly " Little Feature Wall'. So as I was completing the 5 floral triptychs I made a series of smaller paintings on boards which happened to be in the studio. I chose flowers  I had a personal connection to. We would take a posey of Anenomes to my Grandmother every time we visited.  My grandparents and parents all grew roses and I have been delighted I have been able to grow them in Queensland. The poppies also reminded me of my parents as we had a bright red poppy in the garden which would die back each autumn and reappear in late spring. Remembrance Sunday was always observed by my parents who had been children during WWII.

September Poppies II

  • This painting is framed in a light pine, deep tray/float frame. The total size is 31x31x6.8cm, with wire and d rings attached. Ready to hang or display on a shelf.

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