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" Round and Round" is a series based on observational drawings of my garden from life. I love to make drawings en plein air and then develop them into studio paintings. As a child, I loved the song " Round and Round the Garden", it reminds me of my Dad and Grandad,who were both keen gardners and used to sing it to me as a child. I sang it to my kids too. 

I drew, round and round the garden during a very wet La Nina summer, always dodging showers during endless wet days and torrential downpours.

The series was originally 24 paintings, completed in sets of 3. They are 30x30x0.7cm, acrylic on ply. They are finished with a satin waxed finish and are framed in a simple light wood tray/cradle frame. Ready to hand with d rings and wire attached.

Round and Round VI

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