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"Fear of Magenta" is an acrylic study made concurrently with a large-scale commission that delves into the tension between vibrant nature and human emotions. Measuring 30x30cm, this contemporary artwork is painted on a  plywood panel. The bold pink tones of the bougainvillaea blossoms spring to life with an energetic intensity, disrupting the traditional boundaries of realism. This disruption lends a dynamic and thought-provoking quality to the piece, challenging conventional representation.

The abstracted background adds depth and complexity to the composition, creating an intriguing interplay between disrupted realism and the essence of nature. The balanced arrangement and sweeping branches evoke a sense of lush abundance, while the blossoms extend beyond the frame with an untamed spirit. "Fear of Magenta" invites you to reimagine nature's vibrancy through a modern lens, displayed on a framed plywood panel that adds a distinctive touch to the artwork.


30x30x0.7cm acrylic on ply panel, framed in simple pine float frame, ready to hang.

Fear of Magenta III

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