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Linocut, handprinted onto 100gsm white cartridge paper, 10x10cm, limited hand-signed and numbered edition of 50, unframed, mounted onto A4 200gsm card, with clear display bag

I have taken hundreds of photos during my time at The Acres. I generally don't work from photographs but I found that drawing animals is best achieved using still images. I spent many hours in cold parks in the UK when I was a student drawing animals and birds. I appear to have become wiser and now produce animal and bird images from photos.

I made a huge body of work when I lived in Bermuda of fish, birds and animals realised as 10cm square linocuts. I have loved revisiting this format, although this time all the images are based on the animals of The Acres and not the whimsey of my Bermuda series.


Borage Original Limited Edition Print

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